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RecruitLab empowers hiring
teams with 10x less busywork

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Built for recruiters by recruiters

Tired of wasting countless hours every week managing your applicants in spread sheets and
mailboxes? Or maybe you’ve outgrown your old and complicated ATS?

We get it.

Being a recruiter is hard enough – tedious work managing all the candidate feedback, and
interview scheduling with often no recognition from the teams you’re hiring for…


That’s why, after years in the world of high-performing recruiting agencies we created
RecruitLab. It’s built for recruiters by recruiters.

Simple, but powerful…

"Our managers started using RecruitLab by themselves without me having to instruct them at all— It’s really that easy."
Kerstin Piik
HR Development Manager

The last recruitment tool you’ll ever need

Applicant Tracking

A visual outline of every candidate in your pipeline—right at your fingertips for recruiters or hiring managers to see.

Video Recruitment

Live or Async Interviews and Video Messages mean you get everything you need to create a fully interactive hiring process.

Intuitive Dashboard

Whether you’re managing a team or an agency, RecruitLab lets you manage ALL your projects with ease.

Social Media Tools

Post to Facebook, Instagram, Messaging Apps, Anywhere you want to reach candidates—all from inside Recruitlab.

Beautifully Simple Landing Pages

Create job advertisements or recruitment landing pages with our proven library of ready-to-use templates.

Fully-Custom Application Forms

Get ALL your candidate information without overloading them with anything you don’t need.

And More!

What Agencies Love:

“Managing the workflow of my recruitment team has never been easier thanks to RecruitLab. I get a full overview of every recruitment project with live statistics throughout the entire hiring process.

Sharing information about candidates with our customers is a breeze and fully compliant with GDPR.

Plus, with the fully customizable automations, we’ve been able to make more placements per month than ever before.”
Minna Maria
Recruitment Agency Brandem

What Employers Love:

"We’ve saved nearly 30% of the time it used to take us to fill a single role.

Time-saving like that is amazing, but the benefits go way beyond efficiency.

With Recruitlab, we know that everything has been taken care of from job ads to followup. That means no more applicants lost in the process and no more angry emails at 8 PM from candidates searching for feedback. It’s just a better experience for our candidates AND our recruitment team."
Kristi Lepik
HR Manager Rademar

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All without any credit card or commitment required.

Plus, we’ll include a personalized tour of the platform with an expert on our team at no charge to you.